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Chinese Teak Chair, Hander Woodworking
The teak chair, above, was one of twelve in a set refinished by Hander Woodworking.  There was also a carved, solid teak table as well as the solid teak buffet seen in the Furniture Restoration section.  All of the furniture was commissioned in the 1950's in China.  Each carving in the furniture set portrayed a different scene including the fronts and backs of the chairs; so there were 24 different scenes carved into the set of chairs, alone.    The boarder carvings on all of the chairs, buffet and table were flowers.  The set arrived at Hander Woodworking with a dirty, white, pickled, true lacquer finish which cures by the introduction of moisture, not by evaporation of petroleum based thinners as modern nitrocellulose lacquers cure.  Hours were spent picking bits of white out of the carvings but the finished set was worth the effort.
Carving on back of chair.