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Chinese Teak Buffet, Hander Woodworking
This buffet was part of a large set Hander Woodworking refinished in the early 1980's.  It was owned by a retired Pan Am pilot and commissioned in China in the 1950's.  The set included twelve chairs, a large table and this buffet.  The entire set was constructed from solid teak and was richly hand carved, depicting scenes from daily life in China and bordered with floral design.  An example of the carvings can be seen on one of the chairs in the Furniture Restoration section. 

When the pieces arrived at Hander Woodworking, they were finished in a pickled, white finish.  This finish was exceptionally tough and required hours of tediously picking at the grain with a dental tool to remove residual white, even after chemically stripping the finish twice.   But in the end, the look was superb.