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Mahogany and Aningeria Credenza, Hander Woodworking
  The concept of this credenza was developed by Hander Woodworking when customers described their desire to have a nice piece of furniture in which to store appliances, silverware, napkins, tablecloths, etc.  They had specific dimensions they required and they wanted the piece to look old but handsome and to be built from solid wood.  The only veneer used was the burl at the top of the pillars and the Baltic birch plywood lining the interior of the cabinets.  The result was this African mahogany/aningeria credenza.   The credenza is 9 feet long, 20 7/8 inches deep, and 24 7/8 inches tall.

Mahogany and Aningeria Credenza 2
A full week was spent on detailed drawings for dimensions and joinery, cut list, material selection and material procurement.  The entire piece was constructed with dovetail joints, and mortise and tenon joints.  The drawers were constructed with dovetailed joints in solid maple sides.  The drawer fronts were solid aningeria with 1/4 inch inlaid ribbon sliced African mahogany banding.  Aningeria was selected for both the drawer fronts and the top, due to its light color and high figure.  African mahogany was chosen for its pleasing contrast to the aningeria and also for its figure.  Aningeria is an African wood, very similar to poplar in color, weight and texture but it is frequently figured like tiger striped maple and that is what was desired as it provided a three dimensional, holographic illusion when finished.
A unique aspect of the piece were the four metal sculptures which were mounted on woven metal grills in front of white and amber cathedral glass and fixed to four arched doors.  They were designed cooperatively by the owners, Mr. Hander and Sandi Johnston, the metal artist who built them and who provided superb artistic and technical work.  (Sandi's Metal Arts)  The sculptures were copper plated and then chemically antiqued and colored.

Mahogan and Aningeria Credenza Doors