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According to the owner, this sofa resided in Dr. J. H. Kellogg's summer cottage on Gull Lake in Michigan. The piece had been antiqued with an amateurish, white enamel finish at some point in its history and that is how it arrived at Hander Woodworking.  At the request of the owner, the paint was carefully removed, uncovering residue from its original finish.  This provided a definite direction for its restoration when both gold and copper leafing were discovered on various carvings including clues to the wood's original color.  Oddly, no gesso or plaster had been used to fill the heavy oak grain so the restoration followed suit.  
Damaged left front leg.
Repair of front right leg
Center front legs
J.H. Kellogg Couch, Hander Woodworking
Restored sofa from J. H. Kellogg estate.