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This chair was hand made in the early to mid 19th century and brought into Hander Woodworking for conservation.  The seat was solid cherry and the bottom had the clear markings of a scrub plane.  The front legs were also certainly hand turned on a lathe as they were not identical and the roundness of the legs had shrunk through the decades to be slightly oval.

The back legs were not turned on a lathe, but rather, were shaped with a spoke shaver or drawknife as numerous flat ridges could be seen and felt.  The back, right leg was so badly bug eaten that it required replacement as there was little supportive substance remaining.  The original leg was made from birch, as was its replacement.  The new leg was also shaped with a spoke shaver, leaving the tool marks on it as well.

The chair had been covered with shellac which severely clouded and yellowed through the years, hiding the true colors and sharpness of the tole paintings.  The shellac was carefully removed, revealing the more vibrant colors and some areas were judiciously touched up with water colors and then coated with clear lacquer.

Tole Painted Chair, Hander Woodworking
Tole Painted Chair, Hander Woodworking
Chair before conservation.
Chair after conservation.