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The photograph on the left shows the condition of an original panel from a custom built 1962 Chrysler hearse as it arrived at Hander Woodworking.  The client was restoring the vehicle and required four new panels to be made.  The new panels were built using a cabinet grade, quarter inch thick maple plywood.  Plain sliced walnut veneer was laminated on the outside boarder and a crotch grain walnut veneer was laid up in a starburst pattern on the inside half circle.  The finished shape and dark ornamental lines on each panel were programmed and cut with a CNC router so each panel was identical.  The pieces were finished with a varnish and then sanded and buffed to a glassy smooth, high sheen, show room finish.

        Just wanted to thank you again for your work on the classic car pieces.  Your work has been impeccable.  You really know how to make every detail shine!  It is a pleasure to see someone who truly takes his job seriously and does his work to perfection.  I am extremely happy with everything you have done and I will highly recommend you to others.  Thanks again."

        Stanley Shkuratoff
        Puyallup, Washington

Hearse panel
Hearse panel