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Restored Japanese Table, Hander Woodworking
Japanese Table, Hander Woodworking
The left photograph shows the coffee table's condition when it was brought into Hander Woodworking.  The client asked for the piece to be repaired and refinished, specifying she wanted the wood grain to show.  The table was built in Japan in the 1960's and it was embellished with beautiful hand carvings but typical of oriental finishes of the time, it was semi-opaque which hid the wood grain.

The stretcher bar was perfectly broken at both tenons where they entered the legs.  The repair was uncommon in so much as all the other joints of the table were rock solid.  Since the legs could not be separated and reglued, cutting the ends of the stretcher bar became necessary so the new tenons could be inserted into the leg mortises and then the stretcher bar slid down over the tenons.  After stripping and repairing the table, it was stained, glazed and finished.  The right photograph is the completed job.