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1792 Grandfather Clock Dial, Hander Woodworking
The black paint of Edm Richards' name was not visible, save for a few residual spots, but fortunately it had not been lost to the ages.  His name had actually been etched into the ground paint and that could been seen under black light.  Therefore, an exact duplicate of the original name was traced using a felt pen and acetate, along with the rest of the missing, but not lost, design.
Hander Woodworking collaborated with a silk screener on a few piano fall board decals in the past so he was contacted about this job.  An exact copy of the dial's original "black" art was copied by Hander Woodworking (the other painted art remained original and the large, repainted numbers were left untouched) and then the silk screener did the rest until the dial was screened with both companies working together on that process.  The grandfather clock can be seen in the Furniture Restoration section.