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Victorian Walnut Table, Hander Woodworking
This is a walnut, Victorian table circa 1870.  It was brought into Hander Woodworking after being refinished some time in its recent past.  The client wanted it to be repaired and refinished to approximate a truer patina and to have three, sixteen inch wide leaves with aprons, made for it.  Each leg required removal and repairing.  Three of the four corners of the pedestal were missing burl veneer so new  burl was added to those locations.

The aprons on the new leaves also required burl veneer as well as profiles that had to match the existing profiles of the table.  This was accomplished with a combination of table saw cuts, different router bits, hand planers and a scraper with the finished profile ground into it.

Unfortunately, during an earlier restoration, the top had been unevenly sanded and much of the 130 year old patina had been removed.  Therefore, based upon the client's desired outcome and considering its existing condition at that time, a mutual decision was made to run the tops through a wide belt sander at the same time the leaf blanks were being run through, ensuring a flat, consistent top surface.  As a result of all the sanding, and since the new walnut leaves required bleaching to lighten them, the two top halves were also bleached.  Then the tedious process of imitating the patina, to match the legs and pedestal, began.  This was accomplished with various dyes, stains and glazes, but as can be seen in the picture, the leaves, their aprons and the table top ultimately matched the over 130 years of rich bodied patina that glows from the original aprons and legs.