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This table was made from Cuban mahogany, a wood that went out of commercial production in the 1940's.  It was rightfully called the king of woods because of its beautiful grain and particularly, because of it's workability and polishability.  Its density is twice that of African and Honduras mahoganies and it carves like butter in any direction due to its very fine grain and homogeneous characteristics.  It was understandably the mahogany of choice by the furniture makers of the Federal Period.  It is virtually impossible to find today.
Cuban mahogany is indigenous to the Caribbean and the Florida Keys.  Hander Woodworking found a sawyer in the Florida Keys who legally salvages fallen trees after storms and hurricanes and then resale's the lumber.  Under these conditions, however, selecting boards was not an option.  They had to work with what they were sent and needless to say the wood was pricey but was it a delight to work with.  This table and the African mahogany table in the Custom Built Furniture section were finished to imitate the rich patina acquired after centuries of gentle use.
Cuban Mahogany Pie Crust Table, Hander Woodworking